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No/Intermittent Audio and Video for Online Courses

If you have either none, or intermittent, audio and video in the online courses, be aware the course uses Flash and your system must meet the following requirements:

The online courses require Flash and can NOT be run on tablets or most mobile devices.

There is no streaming video. Instead the audio and animations are baked into each flash "swf" file. This is pre-loaded and available in the browser before the play button is clicked. Thus any delays are in the browser/local computer side not the server side.

Problems of stuttering or slow speed might be caused by the local computer slowing down or having other program being run simultaneously. If you have problems, please:

  • close other running programs
  • close other browser windows and tabs

If necessary, close the browser completely, log in again and go back to the tutorial picking up where you left off.

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