HBR Press Toolkit - Teams at Work: Emotional Intelligence


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HBR Press Toolkit - Teams at Work: Emotional Intelligence (with Facilitator's Guide)

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a critical professional and leadership skill that encompasses everything from regulating one's own moods and emotions to managing social interactions with others. This Teams at Work toolkit enables you to walk your team through the importance and fundamental components of EI and provides them with several specific techniques for implementing emotional self-awareness and social intelligence in the workplace. 

Use this collection of Harvard Business Review content to help your team build their emotional intelligence--together.


  • 45 minutes of Harvard Business Review materials (an audio interview and two articles) for your team to read and listen to
  • Facilitator's guide that will allow you to lead a 1-hour discussion around the concepts presented
  • Quiz to help your team members gauge their own EI strength


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