At a Glance


At a Glance

We're excited to announce the launch of a new line of subscriber-exclusive, one-page distillations of fundamental management concepts from HBR. We’re calling this line “At a Glance” and our first two products are now available to subscribers in the Visual Library:

Net Present Value at a Glance

Regression Analysis at a Glance

These handy little summaries are innovative for a few reasons:

  • We’re re-purposing popular digital content for the premium subscription: At a Glances are primarily based on Amy Gallo’s very successful series of Refreshers for the web, although we supplement with information from other sources.
  • We’re giving subscribers a highly visual, downloadable quick-take on complex management concepts, adding value to the premium subscription beyond the existing slide decks and graphics in the Visual Library.
  • A brand new New Product Brief helped us clarify positioning and design needs early on. This form will be used to bring other new initiatives to market using a Minimum Viable process. It also forced us to consider mobile friendliness from the start.
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