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HBR Bot for Slack

For teams that use Slack: Install the bot and you and your team can receive a daily piece of advice from Harvard Business Review.

Now you can get some of HBR’s most practical insights delivered to you right inside the app. The HBR bot has compiled advice from more than 200 articles on HBR.org that tackle difficult workplace and managerial issues, and it can send you that advice at the time and frequency of your choosing. You can read a lot or read a little, it’s all up to you. If you don’t have admin rights on your team, you’ll have to ask someone who does to install this bot. You can find HBR’s privacy policy here and you can send us feedback by emailing bots@harvardbusiness.org.

Install HBR bot for Slack

To install HBR bot for Slack, go to https://hbr.org/hbr-bot-for-slack and click the 'Add to Slack' icon.

Enter our Slack domain name HBPCS and click Continue.

Enter your credentials and click Sign in.

Click on Authorize.

You will be notified 'You have successfully added HBR to your slack organization'

You will receive an email confirmation of the installation.

To begin receiving updates, click the plus sign to start a new direct message.

Search for the HBR bot (hbr2) and, when found, click Go.

Now the HBR bot will appear in your direct messages list. Use the commands below to interact with the bot and receive regular updates.

Commands bot accepts

  • subscribe: Subscribe to daily/weekly Best Practices articles
  • unsubscribe: Unsubscribe to Best Practices articles
  • feedback: Give us feedback on HBR Slackbot (takes any text input; we will review this feedback regularly)
  • another:Receive another Best Practices article
  • frequency:Change the frequency of your Best Practices subscription (responds to ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’)
  • time:Change the time you receive Best Practices articles (responds to the format ‘10am’, ‘6pm’, etc.)
  • help: Displays the above list of commands

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