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Our system will autofill the city and state when you are entering your zip code. If the autofill is not populating, please check the following:


1. Please check your browser settings and any related Ad Blocker settings. Turning off/managing your Ad Blocker settings for the site will generally resolve the issue. Alternatively, please try another web browser.


2. Please try to access on a personal network. Sometimes school/work networks will block the entering of personal information for privacy concerns. Our site is mobile friendly you can purchase the coursepack from a mobile browser and access back on your main computer, 


3. Often the issue is due to a bad cookie stuck in your browser's history. Please try deleting cache and cookies and restarting your browser?  This page explains how to clear your browser's cache 


If you continue to experience trouble with the website please call us at 1-800-545-7685 and we can manually place the order for you. Website- 

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